Building Hope and Healthcare in Rwanda

Design Concept

  • Foster healing through well-ventilated interconnected indoor/outdoor spaces
  • Create community through a centralized courtyard layout
  • Balance privacy and safety through zoning
    with separation of distinct services
  • Create a sense of place through use of vernacular and local building materials

Project Goals

  • Construct/Operate a 15,000 square foot healthcare facility in Kigali
  • Projected design/construction costs
    $1.25–1.5 million USD
  • Fundraise through private donations and grants
  • The non-profit HDI, Inc. in the US will lead in fundraising and grant writing.

Healthcare Services

  • Outpatient: counseling, prevention, and treatment, inpatient, ambulatory, maternity, and pediatric care, HIV
  • Training and technical support
  • Advocacy and policy monitoring

Keene State College, Architecture Student Design Project

May, 2017